The mission of the Swiss Data Science Center is to accelerate the adoption of data science and machine learning techniques within the academic community and the industrial sector. Throughout the projects, they found out that companies encounter similar challenges, no matter their industry sector. The digital transformation journey is a marathon which needs the right mindset, agility and skills. In this talk, Sandro will highlight lessons learnt from working with companies in their effort to become more data-driven. He will discuss topics such as selecting relevant use cases, getting the right data, collaborating with domain experts and monitoring projects with canvas. He will discuss solutions to data and humans’ challenges, as well as best practices to facilitate this journey. His presentation will be based on experience gathered with leading companies in sectors such as manufacturing, banking and pharma.

Many companies have tried to apply AI into their business. Yet, 75% are not seeing any value yet. Based on a global survey and interviews he looked at what it takes to become successful with AI. What do pioneers do right, what should you avoid.

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