How Bühler and the Swiss Data Science Center Collaborate Towards AI in Industrial Processes


Tuesday, May 12, 2020


5:05 pm


The Swiss and family-owned company Bühler Group is a global solution provider for the food and advanced materials industry. Every day billions of people come into contact with products manufactured on Bühler machines and lines. With this global relevance also comes responsibility. Bühler has partnered up with the Swiss Data Science Center to further optimize manufacturing processes using data, with respect to uptime, specific energy consumption and quality. Recently, Bühler has launched a new digital service which allows operators to “replay” all past events in the plant control system. The corresponding data represents an accurate digital twin of the manufacturing process. In this presentation Matthias and Clément demonstrate how different types of analytics can be applied on the digital twin data. Examples include unsupervised anomaly detection as well supervised classification of time series. They will conclude with an outlook on strategies towards reinforcement learning in industrial processes.

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